What shall we do when the forests are no more, and the coal all used up ? This is a question which those who look many centuries ahead, are continually asking themselves. Some reply, Providence will take care of us, something will be invented when the time for it comes. Already they are preparing for this good time. By a chemical process and great pressure, paper can be made equal to wood, and paper buckets are already a "fixed fact."

The American Forestry Association was organized at Chicago, Illinois, on the 10th of September, 1875, by the election of John A. Warder, of Ohio, President, and H. H. McAfee, of Iowa, Secretary. The objects of the Society are mutual improvement in the art, the diffusion of information upon the subject of Forestry, and the fostering of all interests of forest-planting and conservation on this continent.

The following gentlemen were appointed a Committee on correspondence and statistics, with J. T. Allan, of Nebraska, Chairman: J. T. Allan, Chairman, Omaha, Neb. W. H. Brewer, New Haven, Conn. Bernard Fox, San Jose, Cal. Wm. M. Byers, Denver, Col. Jno. Saul, Washington, D. C. P. J. Berckmans, Augusta, Ga. A. G. Humphreys, Galesburg, 111. W. C. Flagg, Moro, 111. J. C. Ratliff, Richmond, Ind. J. Hussey, Lafayette, Ind. C. E. Whiting, Whiting, Monona Co., Iowa. G. B. Brackett, Denmark, Iowa. J. L. Budd, Shellsburg, Iowa. E. Gale, Manhattan, Kan. Jas. Truitt,\Quincy, Ky. Geo. B. Sawyer, Wiscasset, Me. Wm. T. Breckenridge, Baltimore, Md. G. Emerson, Boston, Mass. T. T. Lyon, South Haven, Mich.

E. Y. Lacy, Minneapolis, Minn.

Geo. Husman, Sedalia, Mo.

Wm. Parry, Cinnaminson, N. J.

J. G. Knapp, Mesilla, N. M.

E. Moody, Lockport, N..Y.

Franklin B. Hough, Lowville, N. Y.

S. T. Kelsey, Horse Cove, Macon Co., N. C.

J. J. Harrison, Painesville, 0. #

Leo. Weltz, Wilmington, 0.

Thos. Meehan, Philadelphia, Pa.

Josiah Hoopes, West Chester, Pa.

J. W. Rosamond, Gadsden, Tenn.

Judge Richards, Hagan, Utah.

J. Harvey, Richmond, Va.

Thos. B. Vanhorne, Ft. Vancouver, W. Ty.

Jas. S. Stickney, Wauwatosa, Wis.

J. C. Plumb, Milton, Wis.

Points to be investigated and reported on by this


1st. Estimates of the area of woodland, in square miles or acres, and average ages of the trees.

2d. Estimates of their productiveness per acre in cubic feet of lumber and cords of fuel.

3d. Lists of native trees and woody plants, with local and botanic names, and their special value in the arts.

4th. Location of species, relatively to elevation above the sea, to soil, etc.

5th. Natural grouping and consociation of species, etc.

6th. Numbers, kinds and acres of artificial forests planted, and areas protected from cattle in order to encourage the natural reproduction of trees.