Mr. J. Wampler, Carthage, Mo., says: "As the unprecedented freeze of loth March last destroyed the peach crop here, when they were just coming out in bloom (mercury fell almost to zero), we hope to hear from more favored localities of the success of the new early Peaches this year. So far as we can learn none of the new peaches escaped here, except three specimens of the Amsden in the garden of Mr. Lewis, in Carthage. These were all taken from the tree very ripe, on the 27th of June, the largest measuring 7 1/2 inches in circumference. This is the fourth year the Amsden has borne fruit here. The few specimens this year being a little earlier than in any former year, we think it safe to conclude that the Amsden is at least eight or ten days earlier than Beatrice, as in former years it was ripe eight days to two weeks before Beatrice growing by its side. We had hoped to see Amsden and Alexander side by side this year, but the great freeze disappointed us; and we hope others will report, if any have ripened the two varieties.