Kinds that prove best for the English climate, are not necessarily the best here. Still it is good as a matter of information to know what are regarded as the best in the old world. A correspondent of the Garden, gives the following list and we believe he regards them as best in order as named. It is a pretty good list for "the best," and will indicate the enormous number of varieties they must have in England.

"I will name the following as among the very best Peas in cultivation: - First crop - Kentish Invicta, Blue Peter, Carter's First Crop, William the First, and Laxton's No. 1; the last a very early blue wrinkled Marrow Pea. Second or main crop - Ne Plus Ultra, Dwarf Ne Plus Ultra, Laxton's Alpha, Auvergne, Veitch's Perfection, Nutting's No. 1, Williams' Emperor of the Marrows, Laxton's Supplanter, Champion of England, and Burbridge's Eclipse. For late cropping - Ne Plus Ultra, Veitch's Perfection, Moss Podded, M'Lean's Best of All, James' Prolific Marrow, British Queen, Victoria Marrow, Knight's Tall and Dwarf Green Marrows, Laxton's Omega, Yorkshire Hero, Champion of Scotland; and for the last sowings in August, First and Best and Laxton's No.l and Alpha.