In regard to the note of our Ohio correspondent, we find the following in the Galena Press: "J. H. Creighton, of Pataskala, Ohio, gives the supposed origin of the Big Rambo Apple which, with many aliases, has grown to be a very popular fruit. He says that nearly sixty years ago Wm. Cummins, of Pickaway county, Ohio, purchased half a dozen of the trees from a sale, at the residence of Mr. Bogart, in Fairfield county, Ohio, and that these trees are still alive, and in full bearing. His son recently informed the writer that one of his neighbors took sprouts from the roots of these trees which produced the same kind of fruit, hence he concludes the Bogart farm must have produced the original seedling.

" Now it seems to us there are just two serious objections to this theory. First, if it proves anything it would prove too much, namely: that all the half dozen trees were seedlings, else why should sprouts from these produce the same fruit? Yet again if they were all seedlings, it would also go far to prove that an apple was at last found which perpetuates itself from the seeds. We have grown more than a dozen varieties of plums in our garden from root sprouts which were true to the variety of the grafted stock, including every one of the Gage varieties, yet we know the trees from whose roots the sprouts were taken were grafted stock, some of them being grafted by us. How then were the sprouts the same as the grafted stock? Simply by deep planting, and striking roots from the grafted stock so that the tree gets to stand upon its own roots. All the sprouts from these roots will be the same in kind as the graft-ed stock. We never thought of mentioning this before, because we supposed the process familiar to all whether nurserymen or amateurs.

It is quite common in such cases to have two kinds of sprouts from the roots of the same tree; one set with the same leaf as the tree, the other, that of the seedling on which it was originally grafted."