The Independent of Oct. 5th, notices the researches of Dr. Birch on "Monumental Egypt," and that there is in the work an account of a Botanical collection made by Thotmes III., on the pylons of Karnak. The sunflower, vine, pomegranate, and a kind of Arum, are recognized, which we are told were found '"on the upper Rutennu or Northern Syria, and from there brought to Egypt." This brings the authentic history of these fruits back to a much more remote period than we have reached before, and towards the spot where Noah had "that high old time," after his miraculous escape from drowning. It is more than likely that when the countries east of the Caspian and across the Himalayas shall have been explored, both in their botany and ancient records, as Egypt is now being done, much that is obscure in the early history of our fruits and vegetables will be cleared up.