At Slinger-land's, 7 miles from this city, on the Albany and Susquehanna railroad, are the Font Grove greenhouses, belonging to James Hendrick, Esq-There are in all about 1,500 running feet of roofs, part of which are similar to those of Peter Henderson, in Jersey City. One of the houses, however, is widely different from anything we have before seen. It is in the shape of the Geddes harrow, having wings branching off from the central house at an angle of 45 degrees. The heating apparatus is placed in the central building, and as this is on the lowest ground, the wings are readily heated, partly by flues and partly from a saddle boiler placed over the furnace. By this arrangement an unsightly hollow is utilized, and the several greenhouses are heated at a minimum cost for pipes and flues. An $S5 Albany boiler is found ample to heat 680 feet of pipes. The central building is double the height of the others, and was intended for | camellias, azaleas, etc, and proves well suited to that purpose.

Notwithstanding the great height, the gardener, Mr. Whittle, has found no difficulty in keeping up the necessary temperature - the thermometer never falling below 45°, even when several degrees below zero outside.- Country Gentleman.