An Iowa correspondent says: - "The September number of the Gardener's Monthly is a fine number. I am glad to see by the continued improvement of the magazine, that it is in a prosperous condition. It certainly deserves it."

[All such kind notices please the publisher, who is very grateful for the encouragement. We may say that there has been a gradual increase of subscribers since the war, but nothing near to the extent there would be if the magazine were agricultural instead of horticultural; for where there are a thousand people who farm for a living, there may be but one who gardens for pleasure. For the same reason it is very hard for the publisher to find out where the garden-loving folks are, and he has therefore to depend on the good services of friends about subscription time, when two can often be sent on as well as one. As our correspondent remarks, such encouragement comes back at last to these friends, for we endeavor to improve with increased encouragement. - Ed. G. M.]