There are two varieties of Lady Apple, viz.: Pomme d'Api rose and Pomme d'Api noir. The black one is really black, if we may term a blackberry black, and has a very peculiar appearance on the dish in company with its rosy-cheeked companion. Both are worth growing, but I have had no experience of them in this country.- Chevalier, in The Garden.

Foreign fruits in England cannot compete with the native grown. Grapes, pines, bananas, - none are so good as the English raise in their forcing houses. The American Newtown Pippin apple is, however, the most popular in the English markets of all apples. English pears are said to be superior to any. Glout Morceau and Winter Nelis,are the favorites at Christmas time.

American seedling Potatoes continue popular in England, on account of their immense productiveness, - but are produced very inferior in quality to the standard English kinds.