Very few of our readers, we suppose, ever fancied there were medicinal virtues in the Lemon Verbena, but this is what the London Gardener's Chronicle says:

" The Lemon plant, or sweet-scented Verbena of our English gardens {Aloysia citriodora), holds a foremost place among Spanish herbs. Every leaf of it is treasured and dried for winter use, and it is regarded as the finest cordial and stomachic in the world. It is taken in two ways - either made into a decoction with hot water and sugar, and drank cold as a refresco and tonic; or, better still, with the morning and evening cup of tea. 'Put a sprig of Lemon Verbena, say five or six leaves, into the teacup, and pour the tea upon it; you will never suffer from flatulence, never be made nervous and old-maidish, never have cholera, diarrhoea, or loss of appetite. Besides, the flavor is simply delicious; no one who has once taken his Pekoe with a sprig of Lemon Verbena will ever again drink it without.'"