This plant originated as a chance seedling in the garden of Herr Oscar Liebmann, of Dresden, and is a valuable addition to this class of plants; it has the trailing habit of growth, and the semi-succulent glossy leaves, peculiar to the single flowering varieties of Pelargonium, lateripes, and as now flowering with us it produces medium sized trusses of flowers, which are of a pinkish lilac color, veined and feathered with carmine and white. The flowers are abundantly produced, and endure as long as the double flowering Zonal varieties, which gives it a value for bouquets, etc, - a value which the single forms do not possess. The plant has been introduced under its German name Pelargonium Konig Albert, but presume that we shall be understood if we henceforth call it King Albert. The cut conveys a good idea of size of truss, foliage, etc, but does not give the feathered markings of the petals. H. E. C.

The New Double Flowering Ivy Leaved Pelargonium