Hoopes, Bro. & Thomas, West Chester, Pa., say: "We notice in Gardener's Monthly for August, in reply to G. & S. B., Norwalk, Ohio, you describe ' Richland plum' as a small copper-colored plum, etc, whereas the one we grow and ' Downing' describes is purple, covered with a thin blue bloom. Flesh, greenish yellow, juicy, sugary, good; last of August. Originated in Bucks Co., Pa. Is evidently a seedling of Blue Damson."

[The kind is the same as we referred to as seen in our markets, the "blue bloom" is rubbed off, and we take it to be as much "copper" as purple. But our correspondents have paid close attention to plums, and we are quite willing to adopt the term they prefer. - Ed. G. M.]