A year or more ago Mr. Stearns furnished us a note in regard to this variety, which attracted some attention. A correspondent from St. Mary's, Indiana, furnishes us with the following note in relation to its history.

" I have no reliable history of its origin. I received it five years ago from Moses J. Stearns of Cobden, 111. After I had grown it a few years and found it to be far superior to anything in the raspberry line that I had ever tried, I wrote to him for a full history of it. It was some three or four months before I received an answer to my letter, and it was then from a man by the name of Crandall (his first name I quite forget). He stated to me in his letter that Mr. Stearns was dead, and that he was his administrator. He also stated that as to the raspberry he was not posted and could give me no correct history of it."