It is sometimes said of Southern people that they lack energy and "push." The managers of this society are not open to this charge. There never was an enterprise better advertised. This is to be held for ten days from Feb. 26th. It happened recently that we had the pleasure of going through these fair grounds at New Orleans, and can conceive of nothing more beautiful to a Northern eye. If any of our readers would like to know how it feels to walk down an avenue of Orange trees, and see the Banana, the Pomegranate, and similar things flourish in the open air, he could not do better than take a trip to New Orleans, and do it at the time of the holding of this great fair. If he wishes to take his horticultural products along for exhibition he can do so, and get a schedule, with a colored lithograph of the beautiful grounds, from Sam'l Mullen, Esq., New Orleans.