Notwithstanding its uncouth name, is said to be a very good thing by some who have seen it. The growers say it "eclipses all other sorts " in eight several particulars, which we should regard as doubtful, as also that it is a " cross between the Herstine and the Brandywine." We think loose statements tend rather to prejudice a variety really good in itself rather than "help the cause along."

We never go out of our course to notice what people say in advertisements; but in relation to the Thwack raspberry, the circular was brought to our immediate attention, and we were asked to say what we thought of it. We thought we spoke very well of the fruit, as far as we could speak of a thing we had never seen, and we coupled our praise with a little friendly advice - friendly as we thought - about extravagant expressions. In this, as well as in most advertisements, we really think that over-praise injures a good thing. Mr. Foster, who is President of the Pike County (Mo.) Horticultural Society, and, as we believe, every way a highly honorable and estimable gentleman, does not seem to see our point. He imagines the object was to injure and not to help his fruit, and so he sends us the following letter:

"The Thwack is not' said to be very good' by some, ' but is said to be best by all' who have tested it, and the number is large. Our statements are not' loose,' unless the best men in the State of Missouri and Illinois are wholly untrustworthy, and have loaned the sanction of their names to palm off a swindle upon the public; and besides our raspberry is not a ' very good thing' but a choice new fruit. Sorry you consider it a tiling! "

We think there cannot be many who interpreted our remarks unfavorably of the raspberry, as Mr. Foster himself has done; and that it is hardly necessary for us to "rise to explain;" but lest there be, we beg to say that we had not the remotest idea of condemning the raspberry. Our remarks had reference to the manner in which advertisements are often worded. We thought they would be better if worded differently, and we hoped to be thanked rather than blamed for the suggestion. It was but an opinion; but if our good friends think differently, we have no objection, only please do not ask us for an opinion of a circular, and then feel badly because we honestly give it.