The "American Garden-eners' Monthly, in quoting our account of the tomato disease around London, says: ' So far as we know there has been nothing of this character seen in the United States. Occasionally we have seen tomatoes suffer, however, from the fungus known as Verbena rust.' It is instructive to know that the tomato fungus does not thrive in the drier climate of America. Would Mr. Meehan kindly tell us to what extent the potato disease exists in America."

[The potato disease is rarely virulent of late years in our country. It seldom takes the form of destroying the haulm - blackening them in a few days. The most usual course is rotting of the tubers in the ground when about mature, or in the cellar soon after storing. For some years past the disease has been comparatively slight all over the Union, until last year it was rather severe in California, taking the most virulent form in the destruction of the growing foliage. - Ed. G. M.]