A Boston paper gives the following information about this establishment: " These greenhouses are conveniently situated to Boston on the Boston & Albany Railroad, within a few minutes' walk of Natick, the nearest station to Boston, however, being 'Lake Crossing,' which is about the same distance from the grounds, and at which numerous trains stop during the day. The houses for the growth of flowers are 25 in number, and from 100 to 117 feet each in length, built in the most substantial manner, and the most approved methods of heating and ventilating are used, thus giving every facility for growing young plants and flowers to the highest perfection, and in the most abundant quantities. The increasing popularity of the concern is apparent from the fact that ten additional houses, each 117 feet long, have been built the past season, and are filled with blooming plants, of roses, carnations, lilies, etc.; 15 houses are devoted exclusively to the culture of roses, both for cut blossoms and young plants, the more celebrated varieties, Maerchal Neil and General Jacqueminot, are made great specialties, while numerous (in fact all) the good European novelties are being added to the collection as soon as they are introduced."