Green: Boil 1/2 lb. of alum in 4 quarts of water, and dissolve 1/2 lb. of finely triturated mineral blue in it, and a dark green dye is the result. Or a very beautiful green dye may be made with indigo - carmine and picric acid, adding water to reduce it to the desired hue. As picric acid is rarely to be had of uniform strength the exact proportions cannot be given. The same dye may be used for grasses.

Black: Two ounces of logwood in 1 quart of water, 1/4 oz. of alum, and 3 oz. of copperas, the whole boiled together and the moss dipped into it while hot. Or two parts of logwood and one of Fleabane, thoroughly boiled together, and a little green vitriol.

Red: The best way to make this color is to boil as much red aniline in rain-water as will produce a pretty red. The dye should be hot when the moss is dipped.