These old-fashioned flowers do remarkably well under culture for greenhouse adornment in early spring, and may be sown now for that purpose. There have been great improvements made in form, color and habit. One of the best we have seen was sent to us by Mess. Vilmorin, of Paris, and of which we give an illustration. They call it the Paris Gilliflower. We are not sure that this special kind is offered by our seedsmen, but it could be inquired for, with instructions to send • other good kinds if that one was not on hand. The whole family of Wall-flowers and Gilliflow-ers, or "Stocks," as they are sometimes called, are capital things to try one's skill on as plant cultivators. A poorly-grown stock is still a good thing to have, but a well-grown plant is charming. Horticultural societies should offer premiums for such things as these.

Wall Flowers And Gilliflowers