In my trial bed of bedding pansies this year I find that Hooper's Great Eastern and Dean's Snowflake carry off the palm from all others, both in purity of color and continuity of blooming. In the white section a tendency to blue is very observable, especially amongst kinds that are qualified to rank amongst show Pansies, and where this defect is apparent the usefulness is greatly detracted from. There is. too, a common notion prevalent that any Pansy will do for a bedder if it be of the required color, but that is a greatly mistaken notion. Bedding pansies are none the more useful or effective for having large flowers. It is rather the quantity that is desired, and plants that produce medium-sized blooms and maintain a constant succession by continually throwing up young growth from the base are best suited for bedding purposes. The purest white flowers are got out of the German strains; but they are very thin and uneven, and the growth is long and straggling. I am, however, this year using blooms of some of the best of these to fertilize Snowflake, in the hope of throwing even greater purity into that variety, and should I succeed in that respect, and still keep its excellent robust habit, we shall then get a most valuable variety.- D. B., in Gardener's Weekly.