A notice of this appeared in our last - the work itself is now before us. The writer of this, having been over some of the ground described, can testify to the interest attached to the places noted, and the accuracy with which they are detailed. The tide of travel to the great West of the present day is but just setting in, and this guide is just the thing to help along and guide it. Henry T. Williams, of New York, the former publisher of the Horticul turist, is the editor and publisher.

Life Histories of Birds. By Thos. G. Gentry. Vol. I. Published by the author, at Ger-mantown, Pa. Pi-ice $1.75.

Mr. Gentry is a comparatively young man, Principal of one of the public schools in Philadelphia - an educational system which contains amongst its teachers a large number of ladies and gentlemen who for high intelligence and worth are perhaps not excelled in the world. There are but few Philadelphians who do not feel pride in the teachers of their public schools. Among these Mr. Gentry has been particularly successful as a teacher, and it is no mean tribute to his ability in this respect, that though natural history is not one of the branches of public education, a large number of his students have acquired tastes for this delightful pursuit. It is pleasant to find a gentleman endeavoring to extend his sphere of usefulness by a work of this kind. With much that is old, there is a great deal that is new. It is good reading, especially for young people, and ought to find a place in every rural home.

Mr. Gentry is his "own publisher, and if supported, as we hope he will be, in this effort, a second volume will follow.