W. M. G., Niles, Mich., writes: "Will you have the kindness to inform me which is the best authority and most extensive work on greenhouse culture, and where obtained, and the price. I have Henderson's Window Garden, and some other small works, but none of them answer my purpose. I want something that covers more ground, alphabetically arranged, so that I can refer to at least the majority of plants usually found in a greenhouse collection, their culture, time of taking cuttings, and general management of each and every plant. I would prefer an American work, as the treatment in different countries is different. I notice by your advertisements in the Gardener's Monthly that you are a greenhouse man, and being an editor I presume you know what is best for my purpose."

[Buist's work is the best, and it will probably be the only work of that character for some time to come, as there has been so much progress made of late years in practical floriculture that minute directions, for propagating and managing each particular plant is not called for. Practice has so simplified propagating especially that a first-class propagating house strikes anything and al things equally alike. The delicate Heath, or the coarser Camellia, Geraniums, Azaleas, Cactuses, Roses, everything, all are done for in one and the same bed. There is no mystery any more about these things. Good sound sense, with an educated experience, is all that is needed, and when one can do this with one plant he will do with most all. For a knowledge of plants specially, as to whether they are from hot countries or cold, and similar matters, that will aid a good propagator, Lindley & Moore's Treasury of Botany is a good helper. - Ed. G. M.]