In the Paris market the writer of this saw a beautiful Yellow Turnip introduced to public notice, chiefly through the efforts of Messrs. Yilmorn, Andrieux & Co., the distinguished seedsmen of that City, who kindly gave us the accompanying drawing of it. It was called the"Yellow Mont Magny".

A Beautiful Turnip 36

It appears to have been raised by some market gardener near Paris. The skin is of a pretty smooth and clear yellow at the base of the turnip, while the upper portion is of a violet-red. The flesh is of a clear yellow, and has the sweetness so characteristic of the yellow kinds, and which makes them grow so increasingly in public estimation. A very interesting feature in it is, the remarkably small knot of leaves at the top - a feature which the cook generally appreciates in a good turnip. As Messrs. Vilmorn have numerous correspondents among our seed-houses, it is quite likely to be in the trade for Fall sowing.