Mrs. S. E. B., Houston, pointed palmate leaf. The bloom is a large double white, opening in the morning; by noon a delicate pink, by evening a deep rose color, so that my hedge of the plants present a very showy appearance of white and rose colored flowers. The first year the plant was killed down by frost, but now stands the Winter. Tex-ans call it the Cotton tree, on account of the resemblance it bears the Cotton plant. I at first supposed I had the only plants in the United States. I sent some to a nurseryman and florist in New Orleans, and recently a plant was received here from Mr. Langdon, of Mobile. So, it seems that this new plant, if one, is suited to our climate, and blooms in October, when there are but few shrubs in bloom. The flower is five to six inches in diameter, borne in terminal clusters; only two or three in bloom each day. Do you know anything of this plant ?