We like to hear of well-grown plants, and give place to the following from the Prairie Farmer :

"In a recent issue we alluded to a wonderful geranium, the property of W. H. Perkins, Barnard, Vermont. The following letter from that gentleman under date of October 22, completes the histoiy of the plant. Mr. Perkins says: 'The geranium has a single scarlet blossom and green foliage; is five years old; 4 feet high and 10 feet in circumstance. It has twenty-nine branches from the main stem. The 13,000 blossoms are the number of individual flowers.

The blossoms on a sufficient number of clusters were counted so as to enable me to make a correct estimate of how many individual blossoms a certain number 'of clusters would average to bear, so that only the clusters were counted, and the number of clusters multiplied by the number of individual blossoms that the clusters would average. The clusters contained from thirty to seventy blossoms each. It is not called a large story about here. The plant is still in the yard and in blossom as bright as ever, notwithstanding the chilly weather and the 21/2 inches of snow which fell here last night. If the plant survives I will let you know of its wonders next season.'"