I enclose you a pencil sketch of a wire frame which we have found very effective in training the Virginia Creeper over our windows. It is an idea of my husband's, and has been so attractive here that I thought some of your readers might like to try the experiment. Our wire window hoods are now closely covered with foliage and long tendrils, drooping as low as the window sills, making a lovely shade in sunny weather and giving a softened light in the rooms. I will send you by mail some stereoscopic views showing the effect on the house. I also send a photograph of our front porch, which I fancy you will enjoy, from the lovely effect of light and shade among the vines. Looking directly through the house you have a view of my pretty lake, seen through the drooping tendrils of vines trained on the back piazza. I know of no more exquisite decoration for a country home than these graceful vines.

A Window Hood For Ornamental Vines 56