New species; Abies Veitchi, Hort., Veitch, not of descriptions. This is the plant cultivated as A. Veitchi, and sent to me under that name by Messrs. Veitch. It differs in appearance from true Veitchi, and can be at once separated anatomically by the great development of the hypoderma, and by the position of the resin canals. If further investigation confirm the opinion that it is new, the name Harryana will be retained in compliment to Harry J. Veitch, Esq., the head of the firm of Veitch & Sons, in London. Leaves acute at the apex. Stomata on the under surface of the leaf only. Hypoderma forming a continuous or almost continuous layer under the epidermis of the upper side of the leaf. Resin canals touching the epidermis of the under side. - Correspondent of Garden.