This splendid Fern, one of the finest of the Maiden-hairs, introduced by us from New Grenada through Mr. Gustav "Wallis, and was figured in the Gardeners'



'Chronicle of August 14, 1875, and described by Mr. Moore in these terms:

"Not only does this Fern possess a degree of boldness of character on account of the size of the fronds, and pinnules, but the plants are also remarkably graceful from their fulness of development, and the arching or pendant position they assume. The fronds are broadest at the base, the lower pinnae being about a foot in length, with the lower pinnules bipinnate, so that the frond itself becomes quadripinnate.

The pinnules are large, the upper corner obliquely overlaying the rachis; the base margin is entire andslightly curved, the innerside, or that turned towards the rachis, being also entire; while the somewhat rounded anterior margin and truncate apex are cut into broadish shallow lobes, and are generally fertile throughout, but when sterile are minutely serrulate. The terminal piunule is larger than the rest, sharply cuneate at the base, and spreading out into a fan-shaped figure, that at the top of the frond being fully 1 inches across".

It is one of the finest of all exhibition Ferns. It was awarded a First Class Certificate by the Royal Horticultural Society, August 4th, 1875. It was much admired when exhibited at the International Exhibition at Cologne, August, 1875, And At Edinburgh In September.

Messrs. J. Vietch & Sons.