With a beautiful colored plate the London Garden gives the following account:

Japan Andromeda (Pieris japonica) is a tall, smooth shrub, with pointed, lanceolate leaves about two inches long, which are serrated or waved at the margin, and narrowed at the base, and numerous drooping branched or panicled white, waxy flowers. It is a native of shrubby places in the mountainous region of Japan, where it was discovered by Thunberg, who figured and described it in his"Flora Japonica," t. 22 (published in 1784), and specimens from whom are in the British Museum Herbarium. A variety, having narrower leaves, occurs in a wild state, as well as one having the foliage margined with white. Although at present scarce, this most graceful plant bids fair to become a most useful addition to our stock of Spring-flowering shrubs; it is said to be even hardier than A. floribunda and is much more ornamental than that species. Our figure is from a plant that flowered in Messrs. Thibaut & Ket-leer's nursery, at Sceaux, in March last. The living specimens from which the plate was made was sent by post from Paris to London, so that the artist did not see them in their best state.

A more lovely shrub, when seen veiled over with pendent racemes of white waxy balls, it would be difficult to imagine, and we hope it may soon become frequent in gardens.