This fine plant is a native of Costa Rica, and consequently requires a good warm temperature to insure success in its culture. There are several varieties of this plant in cultivation, some of which, especially the small-leaved ones, are not worth growing; the varieties are the best having large leaves and large flowers or spathes,as it is in the bright color of the spathe where the beauty of the plant is. As I consider a plant which we have here a good variety I shall give the size of the leaves and flowers. The leaves are of a bright green color, about sixteen inches long, the leaf starts about a foot high; above this rise the flower spikes, the spathes being two inches wide and fully three inches long, of the brightest scarlet. The spathe is twisted and also bright scarlet, therefore forming a beautiful and very attractive object. The plant has been in flower since last April, having only now (November) two flowers. A mixture of sphagnum moss, charcoal and pieces of fibrous peat is what I grow it in, with abundance of water in its growing season; plenty of drainage is necessary to allow the water to pass freely off. A cooler temperature and less water when in. flower than when growing makes it retain its beauty longer.

The insects which attack the foliage of this plant most are the white and brown scale, which can be easily kept under by occasionally washing the leaves. It is propo-gated by seeds and divisions. I would advise the people when purchasing a plant of this Anthurium to endeavor to get the large leaved variety, for be the culture ever so good, but little satisfaction is derived from the small leaved kinds.