A correspondent, evidently of great experience, from Caldwell county, tells the Rural World: "If I were to plant out a new orchard of 100 trees, I would make it about as follows : 50 Ben Davis, 10 Lawver, 10 Wine-sap, 10 Jeneton, 3 Red June, 3 Early Harvest, 5 Maiden Blush, 3 Smith's Cider, 3 Bellflower, 3 Tallman Sweet. For an orchard of 200 trees I would add 75 Ben Davis, 10 Rome Beauty, 10 Lawver, and 5 Red Astrachan to the above list. For an orchard of 1,000 trees, I would begin with 750 Ben Davis, and the balance Lawvers, Jenetons, Winesaps, etc".