Archbishop Wood Geranium

A correspondent writes, reminding the readers of the magazine that the correct name of this geranium is Archbishop, not Bishop Wood. It is a small matter, but we agree with our correspondent that it is as well to be accurate as not.

Amaryllis And Their Culture

J. H., Jr., Glendale, Mass., would feel obliged if some correspondent could tell a little about Amaryllis and the plants related to them, etc.


No fruit of this new variety was shown at our annual exhibition, and I canot speak of its quality. But I am very much pleased with the vigor and healthfulness of the vines. It is a strong grower, and yet not rampant, and bids fair to prove hardy and prolific. Its fruit is highly praised by those who have eaten it.


This still proves with me a very feeble grower. A splendidly-rooted two-year-old plant, received last spring from Mr. Campbell, and planted with extra care, in good soil, has grown only about twelve inches. My vines that have been planted two years grew this year only three or four feet, while Brighton, Black Eagle, and Delaware, beside them, have made from twice to four times the amount of wood. Lady, however, seems entirely healthy, so far as my brief experience enables me to judge.

Lady Washington

It is very agreeable news to all lovers of choice grapes, that Mr. Ricketts, of Newburgh, has at last decided to offer this splendid variety to the public. He deems it, all things considered, one of the best of his entire collection. If the vine shall prove healthy and: hardy, so that we can all raise such fruit as Mr.. R. does, then indeed the grape millenium will seem to have come at last.

California Wine

It is said the Califor-nians intend to make a strong exhibit of their wines in Paris.

Pride Of The Hudson Raspberry

This is a new variety which is spoken of in intelligent quarters.

The Fig In Ohio

The Montgomery (Ohio) County Horticultural Society reports that the Fig can be quite successfully grown in that State, with but slight protection in Winter.

Tea Plants In California

Recent experiments do not seem to be a great success. It is said the leaves fall in Summer from the warm, dry atmosphere.

The Beauty Of The Philadelphia Pear Tree

The Belgian Horticultural Review says that in the fall of the year, the American Pear, Philadelphia, has its leaves turn to the beautiful brown color so characteristic of some Maples and Sumachs. It also speaks of Clapp's Favorite, in connection with its large and showy foliage.