The most elegant embellishments we have used for wooden receptacles of all descriptions are the rich artificial wood ornaments which are now made in such perfection, and which allow of so many and various finishings, such as bronze-gilt, enamel, etc.

For window-boxes, we have used the tiles with infinite satisfaction.

Artificial Wood Tiles 57

These inexpensive and richly carved (?) tiles are in imitation of various ancient models, and may be had of many sizes, and with perforations for the small brads, with which it is best to fasten them, after applying a coat of liquid glue to the under surface.

We arrange the tiles in various designs, using large and small ones, according to fancy. We then, either oil or varnish the surface, or in some cases, color with enamel-paints (colors mixed in Demmar varnish) and touch up with gold-bronzing powder, which gives the appearance of the Minton tiles.

Artificial Wood Tiles 58Artificial Wood Tiles 59

Again we varnish and apply bronze powder, gold, crimson, green, etc.

To make an antique looking jardiniere or window-box, obtain lions; Grecian, Roman or Egyptian heads; griffins, scrolls, etc, and after applying them, varnish and bronze them.

We are earnest admirers and advocates of true art-work, and do not believe it right to recommend flimsy and fancy imitations of any kind; but inasmuch as, at this time especially, thousands of people, are anxious to make home beautiful, if they may do so without great expense and with their own hands, we believe it better to do so by such means as those here described, which may be made into true art-work, if carefully accomplished.

Artificial Wood Tiles 60

[With this we give the last of Mrs. Jones' very suggestive series, with a few more of Mr. Glea-son's designs, and are sure all interested in tasteful home decoration will have perused the lady's letters with much profit. - Ed. G. M].