Many are deterred from the enjoyment of a a greenhouse or conservatory in connection with the dwelling house, under the idea that certain Southerly exposures are necessary. I would say to tho , that from experience, I have learned to regard the difference in exposure as of no practical consequence, at least not sufficient to prevent the erection of the house where most convenient. The element of success is rather in a house constructed properly, to enable the plants to be near the glass. And for the Camellia, the Erica and the Rose tribes, and for many other of our most desirable plants, I would consider a Northern exposure as desirable. In this case, however, more care may be necessary in providing shelter from Winter winds. Double glazing on the exposed part is an effective and not expensive method.

S. B. B., Warrenton,W. Va., writes: "I am about to build a greenhouse, and ask that you would favor me with your advice as to position. The place I would like to put it is so fixed that I would be compelled to have the gable end (which would be of glass) facing a little south of east; the sun shines on the spot all day. I have another place I could put it in where the gable would face a little west of south, with sun all day".

[Supposing the chief object will be flowers in winter, either aspect would do very well. The one giving as much direct sunlight from the southeast having the preference. - Ed. G. M].