Beautiful Hydrangeas

A Newport correspondent speaks of a bed of Hydrangeas in the grounds about the cottage of Harry Inger-soll, Esq., of Philadelphia, which is one of the floral gems of the place. The bed is about twenty-five feet by five or six wide, and comprises many varieties of color. It does not seem to mind the breeze sweeping over some 3000 miles of sea.

Deep Planting Of Bulbs

A California correspondent suggests that the reason the bulbs of that State do so poorly East, is that they are not set deep enough. He says that wild, they are generally found six inches below. This applies more or less to all bulbs.

Azalea, Duke, Of Edinburg

The Florist and Pomologist has a colored plate of this. The size is the chief novelty, each flower being four inches across. The color is brick red.

Rondeletia Anomale

T. J. B., writes: I would be very glad to find out more about Rondeletia anomale. I received a few plants from the East, but they never did anything with us, neither has it bloomed any. I should be very thankful for your instruction; or perhaps, some of your correspondents might be more familiar with this little plant".

[The plant known in nurseries as Rondeletia anomale, blooms profusely all the Summer when growing in the open ground. - Ed. G. M].

Double Richardia

W. M. M., Oswego, N. Y., writes: " I have now in blossom a double, flower on the Richardia alba maculata. During the past Winter this form has occurred several times among my Richardia Aethiopica; but I have never heard of it on the R. alba maculata before." [It is not common; but considered to be oftener seen on R. maculata, than on the R. Aethio-pica. - Ed. G. M].

Late Strwberries

F. P. Merceron, of Catawissa, thinks he can make Strawberries that usually bear in June put off the matter till July. This season is the first year of his experimerit, and he regards the results as promising. He had good fruit in July.

Crescent Seedling Strawberry

Many years ago there was a variety with this name, and some are afraid that the new one will be mistaken for that; but we doubt whether there is a plant of the old sort now in cultivation.

The Crescent Seedling originated with William Par-melee, New Haven, Connecticut, in 1870.

Fruit In Europe

The Apple, and Pear crops have failed in England.

Curculio In California

A California fruit grower says he believes the curculio has not yet made its appearance in that State. The occasional failure of the Apricot is believed to be due to other causes.