Our Belgian contemporary, l'Horticulture Belgique, has given up the whole of its April number to the account of the great inter national Horticultural Exhibition, which appears to have been a great success. The vast Hall provided was unequal, and annexes had to be provided. In the history of the previous grand exhibitions, it refers to one in 1815 given in honor of the American Plenipotentiaries, James A. Bayard, John Q. Adams, Henry Clay and Albert Gallatin as particularly deserving of the name of the great Congress. The Rose Congress de Gaud was so named in honor of that event. On the present occasion, the King and Queen of the Belgians, the Countess of Growers, the Count of Verdure of Detterheim, and the Duke of Cazes in France, took a leading part in the honors of the occasion. A portrait of the latter nobleman is given in the same number. The late nurseries of Mr. Van Houtte seem to be now under the title of Van Houtte & Cuvelier, and were, of course, well represented. On the occasion of the leading English firms, Bull, Cutbush, A.Henderson, Jackman, Osborne.Rollison, Vietch, B. S. Williams and Wills were on the jury in the departments in which they had no personal interest, and Jennings, Moore, and Wynne of the English Horticultural Press, also took part.

There were eight German jurors, twelve English, one Austrian, forty-three Belgian, thirty-two French, twelve from Holland, one Russian and one Swiss. The number of the jury shows the extent of the exposition. The account closes by saying that " the English exhibitors, Wills, Williams, Rollison, Veitch, and Bull, deserve especial mention." It proves that English Horticulture and Belgian Horticulture nourish for each other sentiments of great affection.

Dubuque, Iowa, has a Floral Association, and held a very successful exhibition, for the the first time, in the last week in May. J. M. Griffith is President, and there are eight Vice-Presidents, but no Secretary.

Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. Proceedings for 1877-1878. From F. W. Case, Secretary, Madison. This is full of essays of rather above the average in quality. Many of the best are by ladies.