Best Apples For Mississippi

The most popular apples in this State, seem to be Schock-ley, Yates, Kentucky Streak, and Nickajack. The last name has a wide popularity in the South. The apple does very well in the northern part of the State.

Burnet Grape

This Canadian variety is receiving much praise in Northern papers. It was originated in Prince Edward County by Mr-Peter C. Dempsey, one of our most skillful growers. The fruit is large, purplish black, sweet and rich, and ripens earlier than the Concord. The vine is vigorous, productive and hardy.

Forest Commissioners To Europe

The Nurserymen's Association petitioned Congress to send a commissioner to Europe to learn how to preserve American forests and plant new ones; and Dr. Hough will probably be sent there, as we learn from the daily papers Congress is likely to vote $6,000 for that purpose. Dr. H. has submitted a very full report of his last year's operations.

Natural Transplanting

A Western paper has the following curious paragraph:"A blue ash tree seven feet in circumference and eighteen feet in height, its top having been previously cut off, was recently dislodged by a swollen stream in Ohio, floated 340 yards, and again took root, six feet above the present level of the creek, and is doing well".

Forestry Of Ohio

Ohio was a densely timbered State, having about 14,000,000 acres, at its settlement. Of these it is computed that about 6,000,000 acres have yet the original standing timber thereon.

The Game Of Botany

By C. W. Seelye,. Rochester, N. Y. This is a game of playing cards, in which botanical characters are used, and it serves alike to while away a pleasant evening in amusement, and conveys instruction at the same time We thought the best test would be to submit the cards to a nest of children, and as in a few minutes they were very much absorbed in it, we feel bound to say the idea is a great success.

Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine

This, which has long been published quarterly as Vick's Floral Guide, is to be henceforth issued monthly under the above title. The first number is now before us, and we need scarcely say to those who were familiar with it in its old form, that it is a very useful publication. Mr. Vick is full of" life and enterprise in his business, and has the good wishes of all in whatever he undertakes.

H. E. Chitty

This gentleman, formerly superintendent of the Bellevue Company, of Paterson, and well known to our readers, has commenced business for himself, as a florist, in the same town. The Bellevue Company continue the old business as before.