I notice the remarks of G. H."Woodruff in the last number of the Gardener's Monthly. 1 can vouch for the Geranium Bishop"Wood being raised by W. K. Harris, having seen the first bloom standing very conspicuously amongst other seedlings, some two or three hundred in number. There must be a difference in the Geranium Guillon Mangellon, sent out by Messrs. Veitch and Bishop Wood; or Mr. Court representing Messrs. Veitch at the Centennial, and Mr. Out-ram, the representative of B. S."Williams of the Victoria Nursery, London, would not have ordered Bishop Wood, each of them sending home twelve plants of this American seedling.

For the information of those not having the two geraniums to compare, granting there is a similarity in color,the petals of Guillion and Mangellon are long and straggling, while those of Bishop Wood are short and compact; the habit also is better, flowers earlier and more abundant. This is my experience; it may differ with others.