Botanical Name Of The Sweet Potato

A Virginia correspondent, writes : Having failed to find out the botanical name of the Sweet Potato plant, I beg you will have the kindness to state its nativity, or what else you please in your Monthly. Though simple, I trust it will interest many of your readers. Am under impression that it is a Calystegia.

[It is Convolvulus Batatas, not so very far from a Calystegia. - Ed].

Horticultural Importations

Those received into the port of Philadelphia from Europe have not been heavy the past year. Of articles not subject to duty, there were dried flowers valued at $1,229; seeds $11,263, and of dutiable article were bulbs, $1 ,547; dried grasses, $1,607; seeds, $15,851; trees and plants, $5,729; of other articles of a more agricultural character on which duties were paid, were $150,000 worth of potatoes, perhaps from Bermuda in early crops.

Darwin And Bryant

The portraits of the philosopher and poet, as published, have a striking resemblance to each other.

Prof. Riley In Europe

We noticed recently the misconceived criticism of an European author on Prof. Riley's work. We note that they are not all of that gentleman's opinion. Prof. Charles Joly, in La Science Pour tous, ending a review of the work of Prof. Riley relative to Doryphora, says:"We do not hesitate to highly commend the labors of a man who is an honor to the learning and intelligence of his country".

Transactions Of The Minnesota Horticultural Society

From Prof. Charles Y. Lacy, Secretary, St. Paul. There are few transactions of so truly a horticultural character. The work of the society covers every branch of the art, and the work is done well. Those who think the State can grow nothing but crab apples, will learn better by reading this volume.

Drew's Window Garden

Our correspondent, Mr. Drew, has written a small pamphlet on Window Gardening, which may be had for 25 cents of Geo. W. Park, Mount Vernon, O.

Horticultural Catalogues

We have several hundreds of catalogues before us, a large proportion asking "please notice." We would gladly do this if we had four or five pages to spare; for, indeed, the greater part of them are extremely creditable and deserving of all praise.

That Bogus Agent

He has been caught at last, and as we are writing this is in prison, in Philadelphia, awaiting trial, for though he is "such a nice young man," he could get no one to go bail for his appearance.

Horticulture In California

A Horticultural Society has been formed at Los Ange-los, the first, we believe in the State.