M. & M., Frederick City, Md., under date of July 1st, send us the following note: " We send you to-day another specimen of Bower's early peach, but as it is dead ripe and bruised in places so that the juice is oozing from it, we fear that it will be rotten before it reaches you. We would have •sent it last week, but the tree is twelve miles from here, and we had no idea it was ripe so soon; it had but very few on it this season, there being a general failure of the crop in this section. The one we send measures 9 inches around, weighs 7 ounces, and was ripe on the 26th of June, all of which leads us to believe that it is as early as the earliest, and as to the size and quality, as good as the best. We should have said that one side is partly eaten by the birds, which will probably hasten its decay".

[It gives us pleasure to say, that the specimen sent, agrees with all that the writers say of it. It is a great pleasure to see so large a size with •so early a fruit. The flavor was exquisite, so far as it is possible to judge from a single specimen sent from a distant locality we should say this was a long way in advance of our best early kind. - Ed. G. M].