This plant was noticed in the Monthly some time last year, and recommended for the decoration of our gardens in Summer, and the seed catalogues for the present year are also recommending it for the same purpose; but owing to the attacks of a black, flea-like insect - the same which preys upon Sweet Alyssum and some other plants - with me, last year, it was not a success. In the Autumn a plant was lifted and potted, and placed in a light and warm greenhouse, where it is now, and has been for some time past, a mass of bloom, and from present appearances it is likely to remain so for some time to come.

It is an improvement on the older species - B. elata - the flowers are larger, and the plant in habit is more graceful and free-flowering, which will make it a favorite for the decoration of the greenhouse and conservatory, and for cut flowers for the florist. The seed under my treatment did not germinate well; only two plants were raised from as many packets of seed.

So far the plant has failed to perfect any seed, but it may readily be increased by taking cuttings of the young shoots, and inserting them in sand in a warm place, in the ordinary way.

The color of the flower is pure white, with a yellow center, very delicately shaded with azure blue, reminding one of the pretty little Hous-tonia coerulea of our meadows, though this is not so noticeable in the flowers on the plants under glass in Winter, as it was when growing outside in Summer.