Fig. 13, 24 feet long by 8 wide. 1 is Alter-nanthera Paronychioides major; 2, A. versicolor; 3, A. amoeria; 4, Leucophyton Brownii; and 5, Sedum acre elegans.

Carpet Bedding 22

Fig. 13.

Fig. 14 has a diameter of 15 feet, with thereon arranged thirteen smaller circles ; the center circle a is to be a specimen of Agave Americana variegata in the center, then Sedum spectabile roseum; one ring of Rochea falcata; one do. Cerastium arvense; one do. Aloes; and one Pyrethrum. Circles b, centres Agave Americana var., Sedum micranthum, Rochea falcata, and Pyrethrum. Circles c, specimens of Cotyledon pulverulentum, Sedum acre, and Pyrethrum. Circles d, Agave filifera nana, Sedum glaucum, Cacalia, and Pyrethrum. Circles e, Agave verucosa, Sedum acre aureum, Aloes, and Pyrethrum. Circles f, Agave Americana, Sedum op-positifolium, Sempervivum Donklari arborea, and Pyrethrum. 1 is Alternanthera amabilis latifolia surrounded by a lingering ribbon of Pyrethrum; 2, A. amoena; 3, Leucophyton Brownii; and 4 Sempervivum montanum.

Carpet Bedding 23

Fig. 14.

Carpet Bedding 24

Fig. 15.

Fig. 15 is the half part of a bed, 40 feet by 8 wide. 1 is Alternanthera magnifica, bordered by Pyrethrum, as well as is 2, Cerastum arvense; 3, Alternanthera amoena; 4, Pyrethrum; and 5, Sedum acre elegans.

Pig. 16, 27x8. Alternanthera versicolor; 2, A. spatulata; 3, Sedum acre; 4 Pyrethrum; 5, Alternanthera magnifica; 6, A. paronychioides;7, A. amoena; 8, A. spectabilis; 9, Pyrethrum; 10, Cerastium tomentosum; 11, Mesembryan-themum cordifolium variegatum; 12 Sedum acre elegans; 13, Peristrophe angustifolia; and 14, Sempervivum Californicum.

Carpet Bedding 25

Fig. 16.

Carpet Bedding 26

Fig. 17.

Fig. 17. 1, single specimens of Chamapeuce diacantha; 2, Pyrethrum; 3, Alternanthera paronychioides; 4, A. amoena; 5, Leucophyton Brownii; 6, Mesembryanthemum cordifolium; and the small circles on the lawn are single specimens of Sempervivum Donklari.