We are glad to learn that Robert Douglas, of Waukegan, is engaged in the delivery and planting of 100, 000 Catalpa trees for the Fort Scott Railroad Company. The Railroad Company has done a good thing, not only in planting for its future timber supply, but also in selecting the Catalpa for the purpose. We have had occular evidence that the timber as posts is as near indestructible as timber can well be, while the rapidity of its growth is enormous. A tree on our own premises, cut down eight years ago, showed an average annual increase in diameter of three-quarters of an inch a year. Some of the annual rings were half an inch thick, making an inch in the total diameter of the trunks. The trunk was made into fence posts. One taken up last Winter was as clean as a new post. To be sure, seven years is not much, but many kinds of wood would have shown some signs of decay at least in that time. The good point in this timber is that while hard and durable, it will hold nails, and this is a good character all hardwoods do not possess.