There is plenty of room above, as was said to the youth who thought a certain occupation too crowded; so with fruit. So the catalogue is full to overflowing, yet there is plenty of room for the finest productions.

Dr. L. S. Mote has placed every lover of fine fruit under lasting obligations by originating this delicious apple. It certainly merits all the good things Dr. Warder has said of it. When first brought to notice by him, he wrote that it "perhaps excels the famous Dyer or Pomme Roy-ale;" but after a number of years' experience there is no room for doubt. It"excels" the latter in all particulars: growth, bearing, size, beauty and quality. Grown in the same orchards with such fine varietes as Early Joe, Champlain, Garden Royal, Richard's Graft, Fall Pippin, Ohio Nonpareil, Sparks, Evening Part}, Grimes, Golden, etc. What the Cincinnati Horticultural Society said of Ohio Nonpareil 20 years ago may more emphatically be said of Celestia: better than the best. The tree is a fine, upright stocky grower; shoots rather short-jointed, dull reddish-brown with considerable light-grayish marking, somewhat downy and spotted; buds prominent, pointed; leaves dark-green, thick, ovate, acuminate, irregularly crenate. One of the most beautiful and healthy trees in all stages of growth, and an excellent bearer.

To describe the fine quality of the large beautiful yellow fruit, is not easy; but Dr. Warder comes as near it as words will allow : "Flesh yellow, very fine grained, very tender, juicy; flavor sub-acid, sprightly, aromatic, delicious. Use, table or kitchen; season, September; quality, very best." - (American Horticultural Annual, 1867, page 63).

Its one fault is that it does not keep till April. But in higher latitudes this will not be against it, for it is well known that Cogswell and other apples which keep well in the North, are ripe and gone in Southern Ohio, before the first of November. Here, about one degree north of the place of its origin, Celestia ripens in October, being a month later; and with no particular care keeps sound and perfect until after Christmas.