A correspondent in the Garden has the following relative to that curious and interesting plant - the Chameleon Wallflowers: " This plant is the Cheiranthus Cheiri var. Chameleon, figured long ago in the Botanical Register. It is very aptly named, as its flowers are continually changing their color; on first expanding they are of a bright yellow, then gradually become bright purple, and this peculiarity, together with its habit, suggests to me the probability of its being a hybrid between the yellow Scandinavian Alpine Wallflower (C. alpinus) or C. scoparius of Teneriffe and one of the purple Madeiran species - either C. mutabilis or C. arbusculus. I think it would be interesting if it could be proved; and perhaps Mr. Allen, who has paid much attention to the genus Cheir-anthus, or some other skilled hybridist, will assist in ventilating this inquiry".