Mr. P. H. Foster, Bahylou, N. Y., writes: "I think you did not understand my meaning when I wrote you, in the August number. I thought it an outrage to procure a patent on such a manner of capturing the Apple worm. Such mode I have practiced for years, and have not been called upon to pay royalty, and the same has been in print a thousand times, and so far as the poisoning the bands are concerned, I have used that mode in 1877, and have thoroughly tested it the present season, and have found in my experiments an entire failure, as the worm does not appear to swallow after it leaves the fruit. The fact is, our managers of the Patent Office must be wanting in general intelligence, when an individual can obtain the exclusive use of any mode of proceeding that has been in use as long as the one in question, and obtain the legal right to prosecute those who have used it for years".