In your valuable Monthly of November edition, I notice an article with the above heading, by Mr. Woodruff. After reading it I feel called upon to reply. Geranium B. Wood I raised from seed three years ago last summer, being one of over four hundred seedlings. I don't think that Geranium Guillion Mangilli was thought of at that time. Mr. Woodruff does not inform us who claims the honor of raising G. Guillion Mangilli, nor does he take it into consideration whether it is above suspicion or not. Of course we are to take it for granted that all gardeners in Europe are honest, and all Yankee tricks must be played by Yankees. However, let that be as it may, the two geraniums are distinct, and it is a surprsie to me that Mr. Woodruff was not able to see the difference.

B. Wood has large, smooth, round flowers, petals broad, of good substance; while G. M. has smaller flowers, petals long and narrow, edges inclined to fall back, trusses not so large, color very near the same. Probably it would be more interesting if I would change my subject a little. I have taken a good deal of interest in growing geraniums for more than ten years. Have kept pace with the importations, and have been the author of a number of good results. Asa Gray is one of the best to raise seed from, as it seeds very freely, and we may get almost any color that is among the single varieties by crossing any desired variety with Asa Gray. In proof of the above fact, I have tried it with wonderful success. The last good result was Jenny Read; I obtained it by crossing Asa Gray with Gaiety, which is a very dwarf, scarlet, and free-blooming variety. J. Read does not resemble Asa Gray in any particular, except in being double; it partakes of its male parent in color and free blooming qualities, and more dwarf than either. One thought more, then I am done. Last winter there was a host of double white geraniums sent over from Europe, some of them not worth growing.

Among them,however, there are three varieties, Venice, Adelaide Blanchard and Madame Emily Baltat, which are really good.