I am a recent subscriber to the Gardener's Monthly, and am well pleased with it. I have noticed a complaint of Dutch bulbs deteriorating in the South after a few years. I have this day sent to your address by express a box of hyacinth blooms for your inspection and judgment, and your opinion as to their retrogade movements. I have been cultivating these same bulbs from five to seven years. They were bought of Henry A. Dreer, of your city. Many of the bulbs send up from three to five spikes. The three White Double Pink Eye in the package all grew from one bulb. Should you wish to hear about the cultivation, I can inform you at another time. Many of the best spikes were faded. I have not sent you all the kinds 1 have. I have a garden of flowers, including nearly everything desirable to please, that will grow in the open ground. The Hyacinths were mixed kinds without names. Tulips, the same, just beginning to bloom. The Peach blooms are the Double and Italian and Van Buren Dwarf, etc.

[We have rarely seen finer flowers. They were superior to the average of newly imported bulbs. The offered account of their culture would be very acceptable. - Ed. G. M].