I send you a copy of the English election list, and one of Mr. Ellwanger (of Ellwanger & Barry) called the American List of Roses, taken from the Garden of Nov. 17th, 1877, hoping that you may find it of sufficient interest to publish it. If you do it might lead to a further discussion of the merits of many of the roses and benefit all lovers of them, and the trade also by making a greater demand for what might prove the greatest favorites. Other points of interest would arise as to fresh bloomers, the most perpetual, etc, of the hybrids, of which the list is largely composed. Why should such general favorites as General Jacqueminot, Safrano, Bon Silene, etc, be left out, when they have been so generally adopted as forcing roses in this country ?

Best 48 Roses, English Election and Mr. Ell-wanger's lists :


1 Marie Baurnan.

2 Alfred Colomb.

3 Charles Lefebvre.

4 La France.

5 Marechal Neil.

6 Baronne de Rothschild.

7 Francois Michelon.

8 Louis Van Houtte.

9 Etienne Levet.

10 Marquise de Castellane.

11 Mad. Victor Verdier.

12 Duke of Edinburgh.

13 Mdlle. Marie Rady.

14 Comtesse de Oxford.

15 Doctor Andry.

16 Senateur Vaisse.

17 Xavier Olibo.

18 Mdlle. Eugenie Verdier.

19 Edouard Morren.

20 Catherine Mermet.

21 Horace Vernet.

22 Marguerite de St. Amand.

23 Emilie Hansburgh.

24 Ferdinand de Lesseps.

25 Dupuy Jamain.

26 Cainille Bernardin.

27 John Hopper.

28 Reynolds Hole.

29 Victor Veredier.

30 Prince Camille de Rohan.

31 Mdlle. Marie Van Houtte.

32 Captain Christy.

33 Madame Lacharme.

34 Devoniensis.

35 E. Y. Teas.

36 Duke of Wellington.

37 Souvenir d'un Ami.

38 Pierre Netting.

39 Souvenir d' Elise.

40 M. Marie Finger.

41 Mad. Marie Cointet.

42 Fisher Holmes.

43 Monsieur Norman.

44 Comtesse de Serenye.

45 Sir Garnett Woolsley.

46 Mad. Charles Wood.

47 Star of Waltham.

48 Mdlle. Annie Wood.


La France. Marechal Neil. Marie Bauman. Louis Van Houtte. Alfred Colomb.

Charles Lefebvre. Ferdinand de Lesseps.

Catherine Merraet. Mdlle. Marie Van Houtte. Mad. Victor Verdier. Mdlle. Marie Rady. Francois Michelon. Marquise de Castellane. Baronne de Rothschild. Etienne Levet. Mdlle. Eugenie Verdier. John Hopper. Abel Grand. Comtesse de Oxford. Senateu Vaisse. Victor Verdier. Glorie Dijon. Comtesse de Sambac. Captain Christy. Niphetos. Chehunt Hybrid. Prince Camille de Rohan. Comtesse de Serenye. Mdlle Marie Cointet. Rubens.

Belle Lyonnaise. Comtesse de Chabrillant. Marguerite de St. Amand. Mad. de Ridder. Mdlle. Therese Levet. Horace Vemet. Exposition de Brie. Souvenir de Malmaison. Marie Ducher. Fisher Holmes. General Washington. Pierre Notting. Mad. Norman. Mdlle. Bonnaire. Mad. Berard. Mad. Trifle. Maurice Bernardin. Reynolds Hole. Mad. Marie Finger.

In the May number of the Monthly, I notice the Comparative Rose List, giving the result of the English rose election of last year with my list of the best 48. The question' is asked by the writer why such general favorites as Gen. Jacqueminot, Safrano, Bon Silene, etc., are left out, when they have been so generally adopted as forcing roses in this country? The reason is this: the election called for roses possessing: peculiarqualities,suchas render them suitable for exhibition purposes, and they must, therefore, have fullness of form and symmetry of outline, besides other qualifications, to be considered exhibition varieties. Now, the sorts named are certainly very valuable for forcing, but are not at all suitable for exhibition. Gen. Jacqueminot is rarely full enough to be used; the others never. General Jacqueminot will, however, always be a popular sort, for in addition to its forcing qualities it is of excellent habit, and yields a large crop of flowers, which picked in the bud or when half expanded are very useful for cut-flowers. Safrano and Bon Silene are well known as two of the best Teas for forcing.

The following are also excellent: Aline Sisley, Catherine Mermet, Duchess of Edinburgh, Isabella Sprunt, Mme. Francois Janin, Mme. de St. Joseph, Mme. Jules Margottin, Mlle. Laz-arine Poizeau (new), something like Mme. F. Janin, Marie Van Houtte, Monsieur Furtado and Rubens.

Among hybrid perpetuals some of the best are Abel Grand, Anne de Drisbach, Countess of Oxford, John Hopper, LaFrance, Mme. Lach-anne, a splendid sort for this purpose; Mlle. Eugenie Verdier and President Thiers. All of these are among the lighter shades. They will give a much larger crop of flowers, as a rule, than the crimson varieties, though the latter are more generally used.

Among the best crimson hybrids for forcing, are Alfred Colomb, Beauty of Waltham, Charles Lefebvre, Duke of Edinburgh, Marie Bauman and Maurice Bernardin.

Number 22 in the list of 48 should read Comte de Sembui. Other slight errors are more apparent, and do not require correction.