Mrs. E. B.S. writes:"Will you please give me in the next number of the Gardener's Monthly the name of the plant to which the enclosed leaf belongs and instructions for its care? I hope you will pardon my demand on your time, but I do not know to whom else I can apply, and I thought that as I subscribed to the Monthly you would be kind enough to answer my questions, and oblige Mrs. E. B. S".

[The plant sent was Medinella magnifica. It is a beautiful leaf plant, and those who possess good specimens have a prize. The plant loves warmth, though it can be kept over Winter in a cool greenhouse, or possibly a well warmed room. The pot with the plant will do very well in the open air in Summer.

The lady's letter is published in full, so that we may take occasion to say that such inquiries are always welcome. What one wants to know is generally the want of hundreds of others, and we are very glad to help them in this way. - Ed. G. M].