A"Hard-Fisted Gardener" writes:"I agree with you point blank that there is no infallible remedy for curing bug-ridden plants with outany trouble; still there is a plan, that is, my plan, and which I know by experience works very well. I had a Stephanotis in my greenhouse that used to keep as white as snow, in spite of all the drenches we gave it. At last I had our boy take it down and clean it with a paint brush and common soapy water. It was a tough job, but in less than half a day it was done. I did not wait six months and give them a chance to recover, but in a couple of weeks had him go over the plants, killing those that had escaped. This was but an hour's job. In another couple of weeks we gave them another tussle. I have no mealy bug now. The true remedy is forehanded industry".